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What is a CoResponde?
CoResponde it a gymkhana using the GPS in your cell phone to go to the place where you have to answer a question to be accumulating points, and the sooner you do, you'll be better off.
In some tests do not ask me to answer any questions. Is this correct?
Yes that's right. Not all tests are requiring a response. Just getting to the right place is enough to get the highest score in this test.
Why in some tests showing me the distance to where I go?
Tests can be configured to display the distance to your target if necessary. Normally when you have the place to get it is not easy to guess, this option will be added to facilitate testing.
I find no corresponding close to me. What is this about?
CoResponde is a new platform which has just begun its journey. Eventually they will appear CoRespondes where you least expect it.
Can I know if my answer is correct?
At least for now no, that's the grace of CoRespondes, the intrigue of whether your skills are higher than other competitors. Also in the future, if people think it should, you may list your response is created and if it is correct or not, after you have completed the CoResponde
Can i create CoRespondes
You can propose CoRespondes of public interest through the app, or the web, which later will review, and if necessary, modify it so that people can play your CoResponde. If a Coresponde yours is approved, you will show as the creator of it.
My proposed test can be a private character?
Not yet. We plan in the future that users can create their own private CoRespondes, and can invite others to play them, but for now is not available.
For every question of a test, can be only one valid response?
No. For each question, there may be several valid answers. No difference between upper and lower case, but the accents, blank spaces, etc ... so when propose some CoResponde, try to put good answers.
For each test, there may be several possible locations?
Yes. Imagine that the test is to go to the entrance of a museum. What if the museum has two entrances? Any of the two locations should be valid. Therefore multiple valid locations are allowed.
Can I put a different score possible answers of a test?
Yes. There may be warmer than others for each question, so you can assign a value of 100, 75, 50 or 25 point to the answer, to your choice.
How can I unsubscribe?
For now there is no automated process, but we will add in the future. If you want to cancel your CoResponde account you just have to send a message to from the e-mail from you signed up to disable your account. But have in mind that when you delete your account, your ranking in CoRespondes played disappear, and your proposed CoRespondes approved, shows as CoResponde property.
I forgot my password. What I can do?
From the home screen or login screen you have a link you need to change your password. Just enter your username or e-mail, and we'll send you an email with a link where you can change your password during the next 5 days.
Exists an application for iPhone and iPad?
I'm afraid now is not possible. In CoResponde we are beginning, and we can not afford to make an application for IOS, we are very sorry. But if CoResponde goes well and has enough support, create an app for IOS will be our priority.
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